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Through the spring and early summer Shirley was gathering recruits, often of the meanest quality, and sending them to Oswego to fill out the two emaciated regiments. The place must be defended at any cost. Its fall would ruin not only the enterprise against Niagara and Frontenac, but also that against Ticonderoga and Crown Point; since, having nothing more to fear on Lake 399All difficulties being overcome, the Montrealists embarked in boats and ascended the St. Lawrence, leaving Quebec infected with the contagion they had brought. The journey now made in a single night cost them fifteen days of hardship and danger. At length they reached their new home. The little settlement lay before them, still gasping betwixt life and death, in a puny, precarious infancy. Some forty small, compact houses were ranged parallel to the river, chiefly along the fine of what is now St. Paul鈥檚 Street. On the left there was a fort, and on a rising ground at the right a massive windmill of stone, enclosed with a wall or palisade pierced for musketry, and answering the purpose of a redoubt or block-house. ** Fields, studded with charred and blackened stumps,

[220] Liste des Officiers, Cadets, Soldats, Miliciens, et Sauvages qui composaient le D茅tachement qui a 茅t茅 au devant d'un Corps de 2,000 Anglois 脿 3 Lieues du Fort Duquesne, le 9 Juillet, 1755; joint 脿 la Lettre de M. Bigot du 6 Ao?t, 1755.Et les transporta

In January and February, 1545, about two vessels a day sailed from French ports for Newfoundland. In 1565, Pedro Menendez complains that the French "rule despotically" in those parts. In 1578, there were a hundred and fifty French fishing-vessels there, besides two hundred of other nations, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Added to these were twenty or thirty Biscayan whalers. In 1607, there was an old French fisherman at Canseau who had voyaged to these seas for forty-two successive years.[734] Instructions of Amherst to Prideaux, 17 May, 1759. Prideaux to Haldimand, 30 June, 1759.

[7] Juchereau, Histoire de l'H?tel-Dieu de Qu茅bec, 276. The confessor told D'Ailleboust, that, if he persuaded his wife to break her vow of continence, "God would chastise him terribly." The nun historian adds, that, undeterred by the menace, he tried and failed.* ibid.America, when it became known to Europeans, was, as it had long been, a scene of wide-spread revolution. North and South, tribe was giving place to tribe, language to language; for the Indian, hopelessly unchanging in respect to individual and social development, was, as regarded tribal relations and local haunts, mutable as the wind. In Canada and the northern section of the United States, the elements of change were especially active. The Indian population which, in 1535, Cartier found at Montreal and Quebec, had disappeared at the opening of the next century, and another race had succeeded, in language and customs widely different; while, in the region now forming the State of New York, a power was rising to a ferocious vitality, which, but for the presence of Europeans, would probably have subjected, absorbed, or exterminated every other Indian xx community east of the Mississippi and north of the Ohio.

[715] Montcalm 脿 Bourlamaque, 27 Juin, 1759. All these letters are before me.From the summit, that noble prospect met his eye which at this day is the delight of tourists, but strangely changed, since, first of white men, the Breton voyager gazed upon it. Tower and dome and spire, congregated roofs, white sail, and gliding steamer, animate its vast expanse with varied life. Cartier saw a different scene. East, west, and south, the mantling forest was over all, and the broad blue ribbon of the great river glistened amid a realm of verdure. Beyond, to the bounds of Mexico, stretched a leafy desert, and the vast hive of industry, the mighty battle-ground of later centuries, lay sunk in savage torpor, wrapped in illimitable woods.

V2 axemen were already at work, when they were stopped by some officers who had not lost their wits.Cadillac's proposal was accepted. The company was required to abandon Detroit to him on his paying them the expenses they had incurred. Their monopoly was transferred to him; but as far as concerned beaver-skins, his trade was limited to twenty thousand francs a year. The governor was ordered to give him as many soldiers as he might want, permit as many persons to settle at Detroit as might choose to do so, and provide missionaries.[38] The minister exhorted him to quarrel no more with the Jesuits, or anybody else, to banish blasphemy and[Pg 33] bad morals from the post, and not to offend the Five Nations.

** So bent were they on taking the place, that they brought

V1 clothes; a good laced hat and two pair stockings, one silk, the other fine thread." [144][7] Tonty, M茅moire in Margry, Relations In茅dites.Under the rule of Frontenac occurred the first serious collision of the rival powers, and the opening of the grand scheme of military occupation by which France strove to envelop and hold in check the industrial populations of the viii English colonies. It was he who made that scheme possible.

联想未来云课堂:27万人一起见证“机械眼睛”大揭秘 大飞机制造用它“看”,[星光唱响]6号选手:高瑞琪,中华人民共和国香港特别行政区基本法,第15届中华缘大赛在韩举办 韩国选手讲述自己眼中新中国70年发展成就,健康卫士益生菌,其实不是“万灵药”,泰国拟推动“南部经济走廊”建设,亿元贪官“藏钱处”曝光 称这些都是小菜一碟

联播+ 跳出历史周期率 习近平强调这些治党之策,逛亚洲最大书展丨图博会不止有书还有美食,第四届澳门国际影展聚焦华语影片及澳门回归20周年特展,MWC展会取消 全球通信企业正式开启后续工作,为鄂拼单!广东湖北签署多项农产品合作协议,刘诗诗登时尚杂志开季刊 双封面演绎人与自然之美,平均节能30%,智慧能源大有可为

First of all, the Huron chiefs summoned the Jesuits to meet them at a grand council of the nation, when an old orator, chosen by the rest, rose and addressed Ragueneau, as chief of the French, in the following harangue. Ragueneau, who reports it, declares that he has added nothing to it, and the translation is as literal as possible.Meanwhile, winter closed in with a severity rare even in Canada. The St. Lawrence and the St. Charles were hard frozen; rivers, forests, and rocks were mantled alike in dazzling sheets of snow. The humble mission-house of Notre-Dame des Anges was half buried in the drifts, which, heaped up in front where a path had been dug through them, rose two feet above the low eaves. The priests, sitting at night before the blazing logs of their wide-throated chimney, heard the trees in the neighboring forest cracking with frost, with a sound like the report of a pistol. Le Jeune's ink froze, and his fingers were benumbed, as he toiled at his declensions and conjugations, 19 or translated the Pater Noster into blundering Algonquin. The water in the cask beside the fire froze nightly, and the ice was broken every morning with hatchets. The blankets of the two priests were fringed with the icicles of their congealed breath, and the frost lay in a thick coating on the lozenge-shaped glass of their cells. [4]V2 his enemy, and declares that between one and seven o'clock they attacked him six successive times. Early in the action Abercromby tried to turn the French left by sending twenty bateaux, filled with troops, down the outlet of Lake George. They were met by the fire of the volunteers stationed to defend the low grounds on that side, and, still advancing, came within range of the cannon of the fort, which sank two of them and drove back the rest.

[251] Vaudreuil, M茅moire adress茅 au Roy, 5 Juin, 1723.attracting new ones, and multiplying them by marriage.鈥漈HE KANKAKEE.




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