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The girl clasped his knees imploringly.

Aristeides had not watched this scene; his eyes were fixed on Lycon. The latter had risen. He was a little paler than usual and stood gazing into vacancy with a strange look, as if he saw something far, far away. Something extraordinary seemed to be occupying his thoughts, and he repeatedly passed his huge hand over his face.241 Before him on his left hand rose huge limestone cliffs, their sides overgrown with poplar, plane, and ash-trees, and their summits covered with thorny tragacanth bushes. Far below, one smiling valley lay beside another and through them all the river Amphrysus wound in glittering curves. The morning mists still rested on the wide landscape, revealing, ever and anon, a glimpse of distant cities at the foot of the mountains and undulating plains, with yellow grain-fields and luxuriant vineyards, interspersed here and there with clumps of fig-trees and groves of dwarf and stone oaks. Far at the right the white marble temples of a city glimmered against the dark-blue waters of a bay in the Pagasaean gulf. On the other side of the valley rose lofty hills, and beyond them—at the farthest point of view—the two snow-capped peaks of Pelion towered into the air.

“A pretty name! Are many boys in Athens called Paegnion as well as you?The young girl, without answering, began to draw a ring from her finger but Ninus prevented it.

“Merciful Gods!” he exclaimed, turning pale and clasping his hands, “how do you know?—Who has told you?”Sthenelus’ eyes twinkled; he knew all Acestor’s tricks of art.

“What do you mean, Polycles?”

“Make haste, good Ninus,” said the veiled figure when she was left alone with the priestess. “I am trembling with fright.”

“To Manes:

“What! Stones—talk?”“Listen—I’m going to give you a piece of advice. The old general Stratocles once saw some of his heavy-armed troopers turn pale when about to meet the foe. He instantly shouted: ‘If any of you have forgotten anything in the camp, you can go and get it!’ One man sneaked timidly out of the ranks, followed by five or six others. ‘Good!’ cried Stratocles, ‘the cowards have gone! Now we have only brave men among us.’ Then he rushed forward, and the enemy fled.... But, young man, you don’t yet fully understand?With these words Acestor raised his head and arched his chest as though, having bowed to another, he hastened to take the place that was his due.

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A wide view was obtained from this place. At the left rose the hill of the Museium and farther on the Acropolis towered into the air. The streets, trees, and houses between stood forth in dusky outlines amid the gloom of twilight. Lamps shone here and there. The sky was slightly overcast, and the foliage exhaled a strong odor as though it was going to rain. Ever and anon a sleepy gust of wind stirred the damp air. Everything expressed peace and rest, and the most profound silence reigned in this quarter of the city.“By Aphrodite,” he exclaimed, “she is like a butterfly.”

D Ildmand—the red-haired, seems to have been a nickname for Cleon, who at this time was treasurer. (Aristophanes, equites v. 901.)

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