国家为人才发展提供沃土 海归在社会各领域发挥作用

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He understood two things鈥攖hat some misfortune must really have befallen Clytie, and that what Doris had advised and the baetylus confirmed was鈥攖o write to him.

鈥淎re you Lycon, the Athenian, my father鈥檚 guest?鈥 she inquired, without raising her eyes to the stranger鈥檚 face.228 Only one individual knew the cause of Lycon鈥檚 eccentricities. This was the artist Aristeides from Thebes, a quiet, thoughtful young man, who never said more than he meant. He enjoyed a high reputation for his powerful picture of the battle between the Persians and Macedonians, a painting containing hundreds of human figures; but his master-piece was the plundering of a captured city, in which a dying mother holds her delicate babe away from her breast, that it may not drink blood instead of milk.Ariston then brought the animal to be sacrificed, a tiny sucking-pig. The blood flowed from a wound in the neck.

Acestor made no reply, but stared angrily into vacancy.His worst opponents went still farther. They openly called him Carian or Phrygian, nay even gave him the slave-name of Sacas鈥攁ll to intimate that they did not consider him a native Athenian, but a foreigner who had smuggled himself into the list of citizens. The punishment for this imposition was very116 severe, and consisted of having the hair clipped and being enslaved. Yet nothing was more common than for foreigners, nay, even fugitive slaves, to bribe the recording clerks and be entered in the register of citizens. A revision of this register had led to the perplexing, almost incredible discovery, that no fewer than 4,760 persons had insinuated themselves among 14,240 native citizens.

Lycon, Dorion, and Conops had succeeded, with the help of oars and poles, in keeping their craft clear of trees and houses. As if in a dream they heard wild cries of terror and saw the two buildings nearest the harbor sink under the force of the water, while some of276 the small vessels were stranded on the fallen walls and pillars.Again there was a whisper outside.鈥淚s it not true, oh! my friends, that you would be178 greatly amazed if I said: 鈥榊ou have never seen Athens.鈥欌

Doris stretched her arm through the opening as far as she could. At the same moment her neck and ears grew crimson, and she stamped her foot impatiently. 鈥淟et go!鈥 she cried, 鈥渓et go! This is no time for159 trifling.鈥 When she again turned, she held in her hand a letter written on a papyrus-scroll.The slave lingered, but was obliged to obey.

Myrtale noticed the shudder that ran through his limbs, and felt strangely moved. She read in Lycon鈥檚 eyes the anguish he was suffering and to console him said:The interior of the theatre presented a deep, semi-circular recess, surrounded by a mound of earth slanting upward, covered with stone benches, and supported by a thick encircling wall. About the center of the place, between the seats rising around, stood the altar, where, at the moment Polycles and Lycon entered, a priest in a long white robe, with a garland on his hair, was in the act of offering the customary sacrifice of purification. When this short ceremony was over the chief magistrate took his seat and a struggle, half jest, half earnest, followed, for all wanted places in the front row where they could hear best.鈥淣othing鈥攂y Zeus!鈥 said Lycon, as though amused by his own freedom from anxiety. 鈥淚 had so much to do in becoming acquainted with people and things in Athens, that I forgot both past and future270 and, when I heard Phorion speak of your illness and your servants鈥 laziness and negligence, I was so busy in selling my house and slaves to hasten to your assistance that not until during the journey here did I find an opportunity to think of scourges, fetters, and branding-irons鈥攊n short of all that might await me.鈥

Maira was a good wife and loved her husband tenderly; but she was not more generous than the majority of the female sex. Deeply as Xenocles was moved, it did not occur to her to spare him. All that she had silently endured for years must be uttered.Then he put his foot on the edge of the couch to unfasten the straps himself; but, ere he had touched them with his hands, started up and, with two vigorous kicks, hurled them into the farthest corner of the chamber, where they fell on the ground with a clapping noise.

鈥淔orgive me,鈥 she whispered humbly, 鈥渇orget my wicked words.鈥淗is or some other person鈥檚; what do you know about it? Help me to get the horse into the shed.鈥Now that he had spoken of his wealth and his son, he thought of his wife. In ancient times women were little valued.


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At the same moment a cry of horror ran from roof to roof.

Two days after the hetaeria assembled at Lamon鈥檚 home. The house, where for many generations a large bleaching business had been carried on, stood on the side of the Museium. All the water used was laboriously drawn up by slaves or beasts of burden; but on the other hand the dust of the city did not rise here, so the cloth could be dried in the open air, and moreover there was no trouble with road-inspectors on account of the waste-water. It ran down the hill-side unheeded.




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